Rafa and Marc! Best Friends.

Q. When Mardy Fish was in here, who you’re playing next, he was asked about playing a long match and then playing doubles. Fish said something like, Oh, I can’t imagine he’ll actually play doubles. Did you think about pulling out of doubles?

RAFA: I don’t think. For me wasn’t a choice, no? I have a friend here. I play with one of my best friends. He came from Spain to play the doubles. If I don’t go on court today, he don’t have the points or the prize money of the second round.
I cannot thought about that, even if I am tired. That’s what happened. I had to play, and I tried my best. We lost. I go home - well, not home, to the hotel - (Laughter) to relax a little bit and try to be competitive for tomorrow.

Photo: Rafa’s fb & SRCompton

Transcript by ASAP Sports

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